Interior looks to love from some of Newfoundland's Best Designers

Our Design Studio Coordinator, Sara Kirby, has made a great name for herself in the local design scene. Recently she's been featured out Downhome's Home & Cabin publication as a guest contributor and featured designer quite regularly. 


A few months back, one of Sara's projects was featured in an articled titled '5 Looks to Love'. Check out her contribution — Modern with a sense of tradition:

5 Looks to Love: Modern with a sense of tradition
The interior design work of Mod & Stanley’s Sara Kirby
By Home & Cabin   2014-11-17
Sara Kirby describes her personal style as streamlined and clean, without feeling cold. She loves the look of mid-century modern, and uses phrases like comfortable elegance, chic and accessible glam when explaining her design approach.
Mixing a modern design aesthetic with an appreciation for tradition and comfort are signatures of Sara’s style, and it’s an approach that worked well for this new home. The resulting look is the homeowner’s style reflected through Sara’s lens, she says.
The homeowners wanted this to be the house their young children grow up in, the place they would call home for many years. They considered each aspect of the design, working closely with a draftsperson to craft a custom home. With the house framed, they realized they needed professional help – and they wanted Sara’s kitchen. 
That kitchen displayed on her website was the inspiration for this space. But rather than just copying what she had already done, Sara decided to update and personalize the design to give this young family a gorgeous kitchen and family room that would serve as the heart of their home. 
“We wanted something substantial that was also open,” says Sara. The upper floor hallway has an open area for gazing into the family room, and Sara didn’t want that view obscured by bulky lights. 
Continuing with the theme of openness, the bookshelves, or étagères have a modern look that doesn’t close in the space. In styling the shelves, Sara chose to go with a mix of books and décor items, a look that is reflected in the books and décor on the mirrored coffee table, which Sara says is “glam without being too in-your-face.”

This is an excerpt of an article. The full article appears in the Winter 2014 issue of Home & Cabin. Print copies are available at these fine retailers. The original excerpt can be found at: Photos: Home & Cabin Magazine