Quality Assurance

Our award-winning team has proven experience & a record of outstanding QUALITY ASSURANCE.

Karwood is the only company in the province with a trained quality assurance expert in-house, and our ironclad QA process is backed-up by a comprehensive warranty. Karwood quality assurance involves systematic inspection of every aspect of a project to ensure all standards are met or exceeded. While our QA process involves many stages and check points, transparency is provided through a three-step inspection process involving you and our closing coordinator. This ensures that we never close a project with a deficiency or a misunderstanding.

Quality Assurance

Karwood’s quality assurance process is start-to-finish. Our QA expert is an architectural technologist who is fully trained to record, track and communicate every technical detail and specification of a project for both contactors and the client. Any errors are found and corrected early in the project, resulting in time and cost savings as well as a result that is in accordance with both quality standards and client choices.

Ongoing Inspection

While ongoing inspections are a key to Karwood’s quality difference, our peace of mind advantage is a three-step inspection process involving the buyer. You take part in inspections during the rough-in, drywall and closing phases. The first two steps are intended to identify, record and correct any problems or issues before the next project phase begins. The final inspection ensures a zero-deficiency completion before you move in.

Our Closing Process

Our closing process includes a move-in inspection to ensure that every detail is completed according to specifications. At Karwood, we have the distinction of having a dedicated closing coordinator to lead you through the process and sign off on zero-deficiency completion. This is the moment when our pride in our work becomes your pride in ownership. The closing coordinator takes over the project a week or two before turnover to ensure all the finishing details are just right

First-Class Suppliers

Karwood relies on time-tested, trusted suppliers known for reliability, choice and innovation. We count on suppliers who value quality as much as we do. Our recommended choices are based on long experience in our industry, removing the guesswork for the client. For a full list of our partners and suppliers, visit our Partners + Suppliers page.