Construction Services

Experience the Karwood difference.

Karwood is an integrated land development, real estate sales, design and construction organization with all services under one roof. This offers multiple advantages including clarity of communication between everyone involved in a project, enhanced budget accuracy, precise timelines and accountability. Our design and construction teams work together every step of the way and all information is shared through an electronic system that tracks all aspects of a project real time. The buyer is always fully informed.



In both our residential and commercial projects, quality is Karwood’s highest priority. As your home or commercial property is a long-term investment, we focus on affordable, long-term solutions. We build to withstand time and the demands of our climate. We focus on detailed plans, quality materials and a rigorous tracking process through all phases of building, supported by a detailed Quality Assurance process and a zero-deficiency inspection on closing. 

Exceptional living and work spaces are no accident – they are the result of detailed customer involvement. Karwood provides in-house architectural design, collaboration with quality assurance experts and a fully integrated Design Studio to ensure that our spaces are intentionally and expertly designed. Our professional staff will guide you through the home-building process every step of the way to make your life easier and we give you everything in writing to provide peace of mind. Our expertise in energy-efficient homes, accessible design, and green solutions for residential and commercial properties has been winning us awards since 1999. 

No matter what your real estate goals may be, we know this industry inside and out and we’re committed to offering unmatched service to you. That’s the Karwood difference.

Home Design

Home design is all about people and preferences. Whether you have a unique vision or want to put your signature on the thoughtful eco-friendly home designs we provide, our house design team offers unparalleled ability to customize your home. By combining your ideas and their experience in state-of-the-art virtual programs, our team brings your dreams to life and delivers a home that is uniquely yours.


Customer Service

A great customer sales representative adds value to the relationship between buyer and vendor. He or she asks the right questions to understand your requirements and is knowledgeable about what’s out there for you. Over the last 15 years we have worked with many great professionals who have delivered exemplary service. 

Project Management

At Karwood, we pride ourselves on having developed a project management system second to none. Our all-inclusive service begins with carefully recorded choices and site-specific plans. Detailed concept and working drawings ensure that everyone involved in the Design Build process has the most specific and current information. An integrated information-sharing system is used to communicate among everyone, from the Design Studio to the sub-trades. 

This includes an electronic schedule for all phases of work, precise timelines and budget. You can follow our progress and access all your drafts and project documents electronically using our custom online system. Once agreed, the price does not change over the life of the project.

Land Development

The place we call home is more than a house. It includes neighbourhood and community. This is what drives Karwood’s holistic approach to land development. We create places where people come together, indoors and outdoors. Whether we are laying out building lots, designing green spaces or thinking about lighting a neighbourhood, our goal is always to create spaces where there is room for people to grow as individuals, thrive as part of a community and access the amenities that make daily living that much easier.