Customer Testimonials


"We started working with Karwood around June. Both to construct our new home and sell our current home. On the construction side of things the experience has been nothing but a pleasure. From the beginning stages of quotes and layouts to most recent internal design Karwood has been very professional responsive. You never get the feeling that you are being a bother no matter how many times you enquire on something or want something changed. Accommodating is the best word that comes mind and the experience thus far has be a pleasure."

- Marc S.

"It is absolutely nothing short of a miracle... our agent, lawyer and anyone who has ever built a house have said they have never seen a build like this! So grateful to Eddie, John, Nancy, Randy and Debby and the entire Karwood team. Not one complaint from design stage to possession! Our most heartfelt thank you for making this work!"

- Lori W.

"You've built a great team, and the attention to detail, and thoughtfulness that we've seen from your team has been great thus far. We are seeing (and feeling) it from several team members, and it is making your clients feel valued! It is very exciting! The use of [online selections] in holding everyone accountable is a great improvement in the design process. No more tracking of emails and phone calls to remember who said what, and how much, etc."

- Josh W.

"We believe that for Karwood to stand out in the current market, [Karwood's Design Studio Coordinator] Sara will play a key role. Her skills and ideas will elevate Karwood to a new level — one of superior design. What more can we say, other than we can’t wait to see the finished product, and well done in adding her to the Karwood Team."

- Jackie W.

"[Karwood's Design Studio Coordinator] Sara is on top of her game. She knows design better than anyone I’ve dealt with in the past. She didn’t mind giving opinions or throwing out ideas to get us to think about different options. Sara was very involved and seemed to have a vested interest in helping us make selections we would be happy with. She helped us make selections based on our style, not hers..."

- Kara S.